About Us

Lavender’s pleasurable scent and medicinal qualities have been enjoyed since ancient times. It is often referred to as a mood balancing herb that possesses a calming quality.

Lavender Lane Botanicals offers a range of home crafted products for your enjoyment.

In our gift section, you will find a selection of lavender sachets… all handmade with 100% cotton and filled with premium quality imported french lavender.

In the aromatherapy section, look for items that give you the calming and stress reduction properties of lavender for your use, or as a thoughtful, unique gift.

In the home section, you will find everything from ultra grade lavender for cooking, to pest fighting sachets for the closet and cotton sachets for your dryer.

Bring some lavender into your life.Then all you have to do is relax, breathe in the scent and enjoy! There is nothing difficult or complicated about it.